Licensing Model to Meet Any Integration or Business Requirement

We know one size does not fit all when it comes to the integration and business requirements of organizations today. That’s why PilotFish offers a broad variety of licensing options to meet your specific requirements. You can be an End User or a Reseller and whether deployment is in the cloud, on your premises or to your client’s site, we have the perfect licensing option to fit your needs. The PilotFish suite of integration products has been proven again and again to be the simplest, fastest and most intuitive solution to the most challenging integration requirements.

PilotFish offers one-time licenses with annual maintenance, monthly subscriptions and an on-demand model that include maintenance. The monthly minimum for an on-demand license of the eiPlatform (Java runtime) is $3075. A concurrent user license of the eiConsole (IDE) is $375 per month. There are no additional per connection, per interface or per transaction charges.

The PilotFish suite of integration products includes:

eiConsole – A graphical Integrated Development Environment (“IDE”) for point, click, drag & drop configuring, testing, deploying, managing and maintaining interfaces and process orchestrations.

eiPlatform – Interfaces and process orchestrations configured in the eiConsole are “dragged” onto the eiPlatform where they operate in a secure, high performance, unattended mode.

eiDashboard – Provides operational performance monitoring, break/fix support and reporting for transactions traversing the eiPlatform.

eiTestBed – A self-service portal for information exchange partners to iteratively test and validate their transactions before going into production.

Licensing options include:

End User – This license allows you to install a copy of the PilotFish software for your own use at a location under your control (in the cloud or on-site) to enable integration of disparate systems, applications, equipment and devices, anywhere. Learn more about PilotFish End User Licenses >

Product Bundling – If you are a solution provider, this license allows you to bundle copies of the PilotFish software with your application, equipment or device (“Your Solution”) to enable integration of Your Solution with anything, anywhere. Also known as a Restricted License, the only limitation is that Your Solution must be an endpoint of any integration. Learn more about PilotFish Product Bundling Licenses >

Value Added Reseller (VAR) – This license allows you to resell licenses to use the PilotFish software if you provide additional complementary value (“Value Added”) to the End User. A few examples of Value Added include subject matter expertise, complementary products, pre-configured interfaces and process orchestrations, custom components and add-ons to the PilotFish software. Learn more about PilotFish Reseller Licenses >

Channel Partner – A limited number of Channel Partner Agreements are available to companies that have an established presence in certain vertical market segments, need to add an integration solution to their product and service portfolio and can distribute and support the PilotFish suite of products. Learn more about PilotFish Channel Partner Agreements >

If you would like to discuss licensing PilotFish software, please contact us at 860 632 9900 or click the link below

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