Integration Solutions

Highly Adaptable and Extensible Integration Engine Solutions

When PilotFish was founded, we began as a services company. What we discovered is this – integration is hard, client requirements are extremely variable, and those cookie cutter solutions can’t get the job done. PilotFish started to develop tools to make client integrations easier and faster.

Later we took these tools and developed them into integrated components that – encompassed the full life cycle of integration. Consistently, we adhered to the architectural principles that our solution should be easily extended using open source components and was infinitely flexible so that any integration, no matter how complex, could be handled with the same methodology and tools, each and every time.

The result? The PilotFish Integration Solution suite and approach has stood the test of time with innovative software solutions that simplify how integration gets done. Nearly 23 years and hundreds of implementations later, we have been able to consistently utilize our software to meet any integration requirement and adapt to new technologies and industry standards that have either evolved or emerged.

This design approach has served our clients well. Adding support for a new technology or standard typically takes a few weeks, not months or years of effort.

PilotFish’s support for Splunk® and Docker are just two examples of how our clients are benefitting from our nimble, elegant approach to integration.

eiConsole for Splunk – Effortless External Data Integration

Splunk, a hot industry company, turns machine data into answers and is the leading platform for Operational Intelligence. Now with the eiConsole for Splunk, Pilotfish effortlessly enables instant interaction with data beyond a Splunk user’s enterprise. The eiConsole for Splunk, in addition to its integrated suite of integration tools, offers a full range of Splunk- specific features and capabilities that dramatically simplify Splunk integration. PilotFish’s eiConsole for Splunk integration engine solution is optimized for Splunk users to integrate externally generated data rapidly.

PilotFish – Docker Compatible

PilotFish integration software is optimized for performance in container environments. Docker images can be easily defined and utilized for rapid interface development, testing, deployment and ongoing maintenance. PilotFish’s eiPlatform allows for easy packing, shipping and running of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient Docker container. PilotFish customers are benefitting from rapid implementations, easier maintenance and faster upgrades.

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