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The eiConsole for DTCC Bundle Supports the Unique Semantics of the DTCC Standard

The eiConsole offers developers and business users the most comprehensive graphical IDE for interface development available.  Its 7-stage Assembly Line process provides a simple straightforward modular approach. Each component is fully integrated and customizable for maximum flexibility. In addition to the core product features of the eiConsole, the DTCC bundle provides substantial enhancements to enable unparalleled support for DTCC.

The eiConsole DTCC bundle has support for the nuances and unique semantics of the DTCC standard. This specific DTCC support enables users of the DTCC standard to achieve enormous productivity gains. The eiConsole for DTCC supports both IPS flat file layouts and the ACORD Standard DTCC TXLife Transactions. The following NSCC file layouts are also supported by the eiConsole for DTCC:

  • Positions and Values (POV, PVF, PNF, PFF)
  • Financial Activity Reporting (FAR)
  • Commissions (COM)
  • Application and Subsequent Premium (APP/SUB)
  • Asset Pricing (AAPW)
  • Licensing and Appointment (LNA)
  • In-Force Transactions (IFT)

The eiConsole for DTCC also includes interface templates for each ACORD TXLife transaction currently supported by or in development at DTCC. The growing library of supported transactions currently includes:

  • Attachments
  • Financial Activity
  • Replacements

Additional support that is included in the eiConsole for DTCC bundle:

Imports any XSD or EDI format definition including:

  • DTCC
  • FpML
  • IFX
  • OFX
  • XBRL
  • Includes pre-built transaction templates
  • Provides searchable Metadata documentation
  • Supports “drag & drop” tabular mapping
  • Supports Role-based relations
  • Enables standards-compliant Model extensions and XML schema management
  • Supports multiple standard model releases, model upgrades, and different model interpretations

Be sure to view the eiConsole CORE PRODUCT features to learn in detail about its hundreds of built-in processors, adapters, transports, communications protocols and product specifications.

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