eiConsole for DTCC

The eiConsole for DTCC Bundle Supports the Quick Implementation of DTCC’s Insurance and Retirement Services

The eiConsole for DTCC Bundle offers additional DTCC-specific productivity-boosting features and capabilities above and beyond the core components of the eiConsole.

DTCC’s Insurance and Retirement Services (I&RS) enables insurance carriers and distributors to exchange information at various points throughout the annuity and life insurance processing cycle. But, before you can realize the benefits of DTCC’s I&RS, you must first connect to it and that can be a big effort.  That’s where the eiConsole for DTCC can help. The eiConsole for DTCC quickly connects your systems and applications with DTCC’s I&RS – regardless of your application technology stack, data format, data standard, preferred connectivity protocol or location (on-premises or in the cloud).

With just a few clicks, the DTCC MS-Excel .xls Record Layouts published by DTCC can be imported into the eiConsole where they are transformed into an XML representation.  Also imported are the associated metadata, field descriptions and Type Codes. From there, using the graphical Data Mapper in the eiConsole – you can map to or from any other data format or data standard.  The eiConsole can also import ACORD schemas, metadata, Type Codes and documentation directly into the eiConsole thus making it a snap to map from one data standard to another. When you have configured the built-in connectors (Listeners and Transports), you are ready to test your transactions from end-to-end right within the eiConsole prior to pushing them to production on the eiPlatform runtime.  That’s all there is to it. You are now seamlessly connected to DTCC’s Insurance and Retirement Services and have saved literally thousands of hours of effort.


DTCC Integration Demo with PilotFish eiConsole

DTCC Integration. Advanced Data Transformations


Transactions and processes supported by the eiConsole for DTCC include:

ACATS/IPS (Automated Customer Acct. Transfers-Insurance Processing Svs.) automates changes in annuities’ broker/dealer of record when clients transfer accounts between brokerage firms.

APP (Applications & Premium) transmits annuity application and initial premium information from distributors to insurance carriers.

AAP (Asset Pricing) enables insurance carriers to transmit the unit values for underlying funds within variable annuity and life insurance products to distributors on a daily basis.

ATT (Attachments) enables insurance distributors and carriers to electronically exchange digital (imaged) documents, signatures, forms and other types of unstructured data during the pre-sale, new business and post-issue processing of annuity and life insurance information.

BIN (Broker Identification Number) facilitates brokerage identification number/brokerage account number changes requested by a distributor.

COM (Commissions) service automates the settlement of commissions and compensation dollars, as well as communications between insurance carriers and distributors. Commissions bring these efficiencies to both annuity and life insurance products.

FAM (Financial Activity for Asset Managers) helps fund managers track money movement within their investment portfolios for variable annuity and life insurance products.

FAR (Financial Activity Reporting) enables insurance carriers to provide distributors with daily financial transaction information, providing a comprehensive & accurate picture of client accounts.

FUND TRANSFERS enable distributors and insurance carriers to perform fund transfer transactions in real-time.

In-Force Web Services replace error-prone, manual and paper-based post-issue activities with straight-through, electronically signed paperwork & automated processes — from request through to the transaction confirmation.

DTCC Insurance Profile is the only repository for annuities distributors to access expense, fee and commission schedule data from carriers in a centralized location.

LNA (Licensing & Appointments) automates and standardizes insurance carrier and distributor agent-related communications as well as provides settlement of licensing-and appointment-related fees.

POV (Positions & Valuations) enables insurance carriers to send contract details on a daily, weekly, monthly or other basis thus providing a current snapshot of their entire book of business.

PMP (Producer Management Portal) provides centralized sharing, tracking and verifying of producer training completions to manage and comply with NAIC requirements.

REP (Representative of Record) facilitates the changes of representative of record within a firm when the representative leaves the firm or when business is transitioned to another agent.

STL (Settlement Processing for InsuranceSM) automates the settlement of post-issue money/funding, allowing for the optimal facilitation of funds back to a client’s account.

SUB (Subsequent Premiums) transmits subsequent premium information from distributors to insurance carriers.

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