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Middleware Solutions for Government Integration

Seamless Government Integration with PilotFish’s Federated Model

PilotFish’s advanced government integration solutions empower government departments and agencies to seamlessly connect diverse systems, bridging the gap between legacy and modern platforms. Our cutting-edge technology ensures systems can communicate effectively, regardless of the underlying platform, operating system, database or communication protocol.

Revolutionary Graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

At the core of PilotFish’s integration engine is our sophisticated graphical IDE, eiConsole. This powerful application includes a unique graphical data mapping component, file-to-XML editing and comprehensive schema management features, making data exchange across various government branches effortless and efficient. Proven in hundreds of use cases, PilotFish’s software is trusted by state governments, Fortune 500 companies and midsize enterprises. Explore our State Agency Enterprise Integration case study to learn more.

XML Hub Design for Accelerated Data Exchange

The eiPlatform is the foundation of PilotFish’s enterprise integration solution. By standardizing data to a common model, the eiPlatform facilitates seamless machine-readable access to high-value datasets across any government system. This approach aligns with legal requirements for “open formats,” enabling immediate implementation of all XML standards while still supporting proprietary formats of internal and external applications.

Our lightweight yet robust system can operate on desktops, mobile devices and mid-range servers, efficiently handling millions of transactions. Whether teams are onsite or remote, our web-enabled system unifies their efforts. The eiPlatform’s XML hub design supports multiple source and target systems in various configurations (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many) within a single transaction, ensuring maximum integration efficiency.

Unlimited interfaces can be deployed to a single eiPlatform instance, allowing all Government systems to communicate seamlessly.

Lightning-Fast Developer’s Workstation

The eiConsole offers the fastest, most cost-effective solution for integrating heterogeneous systems and ensuring government data compliance with government standards. Its intuitive “Graphical Assembly Line” process for interface development includes configurable components for any data format, security method, validation scheme or connectivity protocol, eliminating tedious hand coding:

  • XML Data Mapper for drag & drop mapping
  • Automatic handling of relationships and role-based relations
  • User-friendly configuration through drop-down menus, tabs and notes
  • Visual data editing and sample data format management in the File Specification Editor
  • Direct import functionality for Tab Delimited, CSV, COBOL copybooks, XLS spreadsheets and many more standards

The eiConsole drastically reduces the time spent building, managing and maintaining interfaces, potentially saving hundreds or thousands of hours. Watch our Data Mapping Video to learn more about how the eiConsole works.

Streamline Onboarding and Accelerate Customer Implementations

Efficient integration relies on accurate, verified data. PilotFish’s eiTestBed helps Government entities and others automate the verification process, freeing staff from tedious manual tasks and ensuring high-quality data. Discover more about the eiTestBed and how it can enhance your integration efforts.

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