Middleware Solutions for Government Integration

Achieve Integration Easily with PilotFish’s Federated Model and Graphical IDE

PilotFish’s solution allows Government departments and agencies to bridge the gap between old, new and disparate systems. It enables these systems to “speak” to one another regardless of the platform, operating system, database, or even what communication protocol is involved.

At the heart of PilotFish’s integration engine solution is a graphical integrated development environment workstation, which includes a unique mapping component, file-to-XML editing, and schema management features. This powerhouse makes data exchange between all branches of government a remarkably effortless and efficient process. It’s a process that has been repeated in 1000s of use cases. PilotFish software has been proven in State government, Fortune 500 and midsize companies. Review our Government Use Cases to learn more.

An XML Hub Design Facilitates Rapid Data Exchange

The backbone of the PilotFish enterprise integration solution is the eiPlatform. By standardizing data to a common model using the eiPlatform, any system(s) in any branch of government can now provide all government agencies with machine-readable access to high-value datasets in the “open formats,” as required by law. This enables the implementation of all XML standards immediately, while still supporting the proprietary formats of internal and external applications and services. The system is so lightweight that it can run on a desktop or even mobile devices, yet can also easily handle millions of transactions on a single mid-range server. Whether teams are working onsite or remotely throughout the country, this web-enabled system can unify all their efforts.

Interface Route Example in eiPlatform by PilotFish

The eiPlatform’s XML hub design allows a single interface deployed to have as many source systems and target systems as required. These can be one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one or many-to-many all within in one transaction and offer the greatest efficiency of any integration solution. And an unlimited number of interfaces can be deployed to a single instance of the eiPlatform. By standardizing to a common language, all government systems can now speak to one another. The eiPlatform is Java based. It supports the high volume, secure, run-time processing of interfaces developed using PilotFish’s graphical IDE component, the eiConsole.

A Developer’s Workstation with Lightning Fast Drag & Drop Functionality

The eiConsole is the highest quality, fastest and most cost-effective means to integrate heterogeneous systems and to expose data in compliance with Government requirements. The eiConsole offers an intuitive “paint-by-numbers” approach to interface development, including configurable components to handle any data format, security method, validation scheme or connectivity protocol. It takes tedious hand coding out of the equation:

  • The XML Data Mapper component allows mapping by simply dragging and dropping
  • Relationships and role-based relations are automatically handled
  • Drop-down menus, tabs, and notes features offer ease of configuration
  • Visually edit data and sample data formats in the File Specification Editor
  • Functionality is included to directly import Tab Delimited, CSV, COBOL copybooks, spreadsheets and other files

Hundreds or even thousands of hours that have previously been spent, building, managing and maintaining interfaces can be saved with this groundbreaking product. Learn more about how the eiConsole works.

Automate Onboarding Customers and Speed Up Customer Implementations!

No matter which government agency you are working for or with, or who else you need to communicate with, the key to successful integration is good, verified data. Automating the process of verifying this data and freeing up staff from this tedious process is now possible with the PilotFish eiTestBed for Government. Learn more about the eiTestBed for Government.

To learn more about how PilotFish can improve your integration processes please call us at 860 632 9900 or click the button below.

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