Product Training

Mastering the Art of Developing, Testing, Deploying, Maintaining, and Monitoring Interfaces

PilotFish training is provided with the objective of enabling users of our products to become self-sufficient and master the art of developing, testing, deploying, maintaining, and monitoring interfaces. While product support is always available, if needed, companies that complete the PilotFish Training Program should be fully capable of building and maintaining interfaces independently of PilotFish.

The onsite PilotFish Training Program typically consists of 4 days of classroom style training. A combination of demonstrations and exercises are used to provide a hands-on experience that delivers results. Supplemental or advanced training can be provided on site or remotely via Webex.

New Customer Training Program

The Training Program for new customers is created and handled in three phases:

Phase 1 – Off-Site

  • PilotFish collects the requirements for an initial interface including the input / output formats from the customer.
  • PilotFish builds the initial (often prototypical) 1-2 interfaces.
  • PilotFish creates a tutorial documenting all of the steps taken to build the interface.

Phase 2 – On-Site

  • PilotFish consultants arrive on site at your company.
  • Working side-by-side with your IT personnel, we install the PilotFish software on your company’s systems.
  • Using the pre-developed interface as a working example, PilotFish provides demonstrations on the use and operation of the PilotFish integration software.
  • During the program the participants are required to complete specific exercises designed to build on key concepts learned.
  • The customer, with Pilotfish guidance, re-builds the prebuilt interface. PilotFish provides the support as needed to guide the customer through the development and deployment of the interface.

Phase 3 – Off-site

  • Follow up sessions conducted via Webex can be scheduled. Typically these sessions are 1-2 hours each and can extend over a period of 4 weeks. Because Webex allows the participants to pass control of the desktop back and forth, it is an especially effective way to provide hands-on training. It allows the customer to reinforce their previous training, ask specific questions about how to handle particular aspects of an interface and in general, learn how to get the most benefit from the newly acquired tools.

Ongoing Training

It is always our preferred approach to enable hands-on training whenever possible. As such, if training is directed toward a new member of an existing project team, we would encourage employing the same steps as employed for a new customer (as outlined above). The primary difference is that it would be a new interface rather than a whole new implementation.

For existing members of a project team that want to receive advanced training on certain components of the software, there is specific training available that can be supported at the customer site in a classroom environment or via Webex. Some of the specific areas for which training is available include:

  • Installing and / or upgrading the eiPlatform
  • Configuring Listeners and Transports
  • Configuring Processors
  • Using the File Specification Editor
  • Using the Data Mapper to create XSL transformations
  • Building and maintaining schema extensions
  • Building and maintaining XPath rules for routing
  • Using the open Application Program Interfaces (API’s)
  • Promoting interfaces to Development, Test and Production environments
  • Advanced use of the eiDashboard

To discuss a customized training program for you, please call us at 860 632 9900 or click the link below to email us.

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