Docker Deployment

Introduction to Dockerization with PilotFish

The use of container technology like Docker has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to simplify application deployment and management. By packaging an application along with its dependencies and related configuration into a container, it can be easily moved between different environments and run consistently across various platforms.


PilotFish Optimized for Docker Containerization and Lightning-Fast Deployment

The PilotFish Integration Engine solution is now optimized for the Docker containerization technology, which enables rapid deployment and cross-environment compatibility. With the eiPlatform Interface Engine Solution, PilotFish can quickly package and ship applications in lightweight, portable, self-sufficient Docker containers. This enables faster interface development, testing, deployment and maintenance while reducing conflicts and easing the burden on development teams. The latest version of PilotFish software includes new features that optimize its performance in container environments, including the ability to set configuration settings via system environment variables.


Benefits and Advantages of Dockerizing eiPlatform

  1. Enhanced Portability Across Environments: Docker ensures that the eiPlatform runs consistently and reliably across different computing environments. This uniformity eliminates the “it works on my machine” problem, making it easier for developers to manage software discrepancies and environment-specific issues.
  2. Improved Security and Isolation: By isolating the eiPlatform within Docker containers, the system is safeguarded against conflicts and vulnerabilities associated with other application dependencies. This isolation enhances security by limiting the potential impact of malicious or malfunctioning applications on the eiPlatform.
  3. Streamlined Updates and Maintenance: Utilizing Docker containers, organizations can swiftly and reliably deploy the latest updates and patches to the eiPlatform and its underlying operating system. The ability to roll back or upgrade by changing the Docker image tag simplifies version control and minimizes disruptions caused by maintenance.
  4. Reduced Deployment Risks: Docker simplifies the deployment process by ensuring that the eiPlatform can be launched on any system with Docker support, thereby reducing the potential for errors during installation and deployment. This leads to a smoother and more stable deployment cycle.
  5. Foundation for Scalability: Docker’s lightweight nature allows for the rapid instantiation of multiple containers, facilitating horizontal scaling. This scalability is critical for healthcare organizations that must dynamically adjust their resources in response to fluctuating workloads.
  6. Optimized Resource Utilization: Docker containers require fewer resources than traditional virtual machines, as they share the host system’s kernel. This not only reduces overhead but also maximizes resource utilization, allowing more applications to run on the same hardware.
  7. Integration with DevOps Tools: Dockerization integrates seamlessly with modern DevOps tools and practices, including continuous integration and deployment pipelines (CI/CD), Kubernetes for orchestration and Terraform for infrastructure as code. These integrations enhance automation, monitoring and management capabilities, making the development process more agile and responsive.
  8. Cost Efficiency: The operational efficiencies gained through Dockerization translate into cost savings. These savings are derived from reduced hardware requirements, lower power consumption and decreased need for hands-on maintenance.

PilotFish + Docker = Huge Productivity Benefits

The use of Docker with PilotFish’s Integration Engine solution delivers significant advantages – including more portable and efficient distribution of applications and workloads, faster iteration and testing rounds as well as easier deployment and maintenance. This technology combination helps accelerate interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem for solution providers.


PilotFish Docker Containerization Licensing and Restrictions

  • Each eiPlatform Docker container instance running in a production environment counts as one production eiPlatform instance for licensing purposes.
  • Note that the eiPlatform and other PilotFish software are proprietary and licensed software. No PilotFish intellectual property (“IP”), including but not limited to eiPlatform WAR file(s), installer(s) or Docker images containing PilotFish IP, can be published and/or pushed to Docker registries and/or repositories that allow access to entities and/or parties outside of the licensed entity.

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