PilotFish Integration Platform - On-Premises, On-Demand or in the Cloud.

PilotFish – A Unique Approach to Data Integration

The PilotFish Integration Platform suite of products enables the integration of anything to anything – anywhere and in any way. “Anything” means any application, system, data, equipment or device. “Anywhere” can include in-house, the cloud, external organizations, information exchanges or on-premise (customer or patient). By being data, environment and process agnostic, PilotFish is uniquely positioned to mitigate the problems of modern and legacy environments, unlocking the benefits of migration to the cloud.

Today business leaders are faced with a nearly infinite mix of operating systems, communications protocols, security programs, databases and data formats. It’s a nonstop challenge to successfully integrate their systems, digitize processes and maximize the value of analytics and AI. As the migration to the cloud progresses, the mix will also constantly be changing. PilotFish can do it all by addressing the real gap in the market for modern, easy-to-use and learn robust data integration technology. Learn more about how PilotFish addresses these data integration challenges.

Manage persistent on-premises systems, legacy and modern – no problem.

While data integration technology and processes will continue to improve, it will be a long time (if ever) that the on-premises systems, both legacy and modern, will be replaced in their entirety.

  • You may have both legacy and recent popular approaches embodied in your products or services. 
  • You may have mixed levels of maturity or completeness in your data integration environments.  
  • You may have sunk costs in solutions that continue to meet your data exchange requirements for transactions, events, messaging or integration with back-end systems.
  • In fact, regulatory compliance may prevent you from adopting full cloud integration in many cases.

PilotFish provides a single lightweight data integration solution for all environments, implementations and use cases–regardless of deployments, silos, databases, systems, applications or standards. 

Modernize cloud to ground and in containerized environments – no problem.

PilotFish includes (at no extra cost) all the components required to integrate systems, data and applications Cloud-to-Cloud, Cloud to On-Premises, and On-Premises to On-Premises for internal or external consumption. 

The PilotFish eiPlatform is particularly well-suited for container environments as it promotes configuration over code. Using PilotFish’s built-in Graphical Assembly Line Process, Docker and any other container technology can easily be utilized for rapid interface development, testing, deployment and ongoing maintenance.

  • Applications and workloads are portable and can be more efficiently distributed in a standardized and repeatable process.
  • Interface iteration and testing phases are faster and easier, thus speeding up implementation.
  • The burden on development teams for deployment and maintenance can be eased.

PilotFish’s on-demand licensing model enables clients to further leverage cloud deployments to their advantage as it allows them to pay for as much PilotFish processing power as needed or used to handle unexpected fluctuations in transaction volumes or mostly batch processes.

Benefit from codeless configuration and self-service – no problem.

PilotFish is architected for codeless configuration, interface and component reuse, in-line testing, painless deployment and maintenance of integration processes. With PilotFish, business users can do the majority of integration work while freeing IT to focus on governance, critical projects and innovation.  

  • The PilotFish eiConsole (IDE) offers the industry’s only graphical Assembly Line Integration Process and exclusive 3-pane drag & drop visual data mapper.
  • Integrations configured in the eiConsole are deployed to the PilotFish eiPlatform (Runtime), where they run in a secure, unattended, high-performance mode. 
  • The PilotFish eiDashboard (operational interface reporting & management web app) provides real-time monitoring, operational support and access to data traversing the eiPlatform at a granular level for reporting and analytics.

No matter how complex, integrations are handled by the same methodology each and every time.

Deal efficiently with more distributed and complex data than ever before – no problem.

Organizations everywhere are faced with more data sources, new data types, more locations where data resides and increasing volumes of data. With PilotFish, you can leverage a single data integration solution extending from existing on-premises systems to the cloud, big data, IoT systems, new databases, and new applications easily as well as cost-effectively. 

PilotFish software can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or any hybrid combination.

Take advantage of licensing options to meet any business requirement – no problem.

PilotFish offers licensing options to meet any business requirement. Users can choose between a Monthly Subscription, On-Demand (Pay-As-You-Go AWS Model) or One-Time Licenses with annual maintenance. PilotFish software can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or any hybrid combination.

Stay ahead of the curve with automation and modernization – no problem.

PilotFish is architected to be infinitely extensible with our Open API and flexible to meet any integration requirement. As a result, it is both future-proof and responds agilely to near-term changing requirements, delivering high-performance processing and connectors to everything you need.  

Partner with PilotFish to realize the greater operational efficiencies and improvements in managerial effectiveness that can be achieved by leveraging automation, modernizations, data analytics and big data. 

PilotFish offers users a Full-Product 90-Day Trial. A simple download allows you to take a Test Drive. In addition, hundreds of pages of step-by-step Tutorials and Documentation help you with your evaluation, as well as chat support if you desire.

Give us a call at 860 632 9900 or click the button. We’ll be glad to walk you through how we can meet your needs for any integration scenario. PilotFish will reduce your upfront investment, deliver more value and generate a higher ROI.

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