Implementing NIEM XML

Implementing NIEM XML

Rapid Implementation of NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) Standards With PilotFish Middleware.

The eiConsole has been specially designed to take advantage of the inherent flexibility of using NIEM XML standards. The NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) builds on the success of the existing GJXDM (Global Justice XML Data Model) to facilitate standards-based communication across a number of domains, including:

  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN)
  • Emergency Management
  • Immigration
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Intelligence
  • International Trade
  • Justice
  • Maritime
  • Screening
  • Terror Watchlists / Person Data Exchange Standard

One of the benefits of NIEM can be found in the consistent packaging of standards documentation into IEPD (Information Exchange Package Documentation). These packages contain artifacts (NIEM XML schemas, NIEM XML samples, NIEM documentation) that can be directly consumed by the eiConsole. The ability to directly consume these artifacts offers substantial productivity gains and once consumed, the eiConsole user can “clone and configure” an interface from the generated template.

Learn more about how PilotFish integration solutions can help your organization implement NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) XML Standards.

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