PilotFish Product Bundling Solutions for Insurance

Bundle PilotFish with Your Software Application Solutions for Rapid Integration and Faster Revenue Realization

Whether Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS), on-premises or hybrid – PilotFish has served the insurance industry for 22 years by providing the solutions to meet every integration scenario and challenge. High profile distributors have selected PilotFish to complement their customer’s enterprise integration strategies, by bundling PilotFish with their offerings.

Dozens of industry leaders have chosen PilotFish to support their software application integration efforts. Ensure your product’s success by bundling the only integration solution that supports all insurance lines of business: Life, Annuities, Health, Reinsurance and Property & Casualty.

PilotFish delivers value and high performance with solutions to enterprise integration from Agency Management, to Straight-Through Processing to policy administration. In fact, the majority of the leading carriers are PilotFish connection points, either directly as clients or through one of our distributors. Over the years we have done it all!

Bundling PilotFish software with your products or offerings allows:

  • Your product development staff to focus on your company’s core product offerings
  • More rapid systems integration and deployment to realize revenue sooner
  • Compatibility with your customer’s IT infrastructure by supporting all popular Databases, Application Servers, Operating Systems and Platforms.

PilotFish’s eiConsole with its Automated Interface Assembly Line process is the most user-friendly graphical development platform on the market. It will allow you to build interfaces faster and maintain them more easily than previously possible while saving time and money. By leveraging the eiConsole, you can:

  • Visually show your customers exactly how you’ll integrate your software application with their systems 
  • Achieve a ten-fold increase in productivity with drag & drop data mapping and point & click interface configuration  
  • Directly read in both the ACORD Schema and ACORD MetaData files whether they are LAH, PCS or RLC
  • Directly import AL3 formats for P&C customers  
  • Be more productive with ACORD-specific features and components designed to save you time and money

Repeatable, Automated Process for Every Integration, No Matter How Simple or Complex

Technical Business Analysts can do up to 90% of configuration work with PilotFish’s simplified, consistent approach and ease-of-use, thus freeing up software engineering expertise for other tasks. Developers are supported with the sophisticated architecture behind the process to speed up configurations and can easily access advanced tools “under the hood” when and if they wish.

  3-Pane Drag & Drop Data Mapper for Managing Insurance Interfaces

Built-in 3-pane data mapper with drag & drop simplicity is far superior to 2-pane and line drawing mapping.

The eiConsole schema management capabilities take the pain out of migration between different versions of an ACORD XML schema. When schema extensions are saved, a record of changes to the XSD is maintained. This allows the changes to be “replayed” and re-applied to the upgraded schema version. If you want to slice or extend the ACORD schema, the Data Mapper also includes a full set of schema maintenance tools.

The Transport stage handles connectivity to the Target System and can handle both batch and real-time data transmission. The eiConsole supports complex Routing Rules, as well as Transaction Monitoring – which provides proactive alerts and notifications throughout transaction execution. 

PilotFish’s Integration Solution offers support for nearly 2 dozen communications protocols right out-of-the-box. You always have what you need, no matter what the requirement. 

Built-In Parsing, Validation and Inline Testing with Detailed Information

Validation of data and transformations is key to workflow cost-efficiency. PilotFish’s automated built-in parser, validation and transformation functionality ensures data quality, virtually eliminating time-consuming manual checks. Developers are also free from the time-consuming tasks of how to parse and process arcane formats.  

Another component in speeding high-quality deployments, the eiConsole’s graphical testing module lets you start and stop testing at any point in the process. It also provides details for each stage. For example, your customers can just click the “Execute Test” button and select a sample spreadsheet. 

No extra wait time or costs are required; validation and testing are done right within the application.

Built-In Parsing, Validation & Inline Testing of Data & Transformations

The built-in graphical testing module provides visibility into each stage of the process, from any point.

Win with the Recognized Leader in ACORD Standards Integration

PilotFish software is the most comprehensive insurance industry integration solution available. That’s why PilotFish software is behind the ACORD Test Harness used to validate ACORD members’ messages. It’s why ACORD collaborated with us on the development of the eiConsole for ACORD – the only software offered under Third Party Tools on the ACORD website.  

PilotFish also enables multiple patterns for reuse, including: cloning existing interfaces; utilizing a library of existing templates to select the closest to what is required for a new interface; using an existing interface as a master template for multiple integration points and chaining “standard” interfaces with implementation-specific variants.

PilotFish’s interface engine solution delivers built-in flexibility as well as virtually infinite extensibility. It supports legacy standards and easily extends to support new standards and protocols – meeting every customer’s needs and requirements.

Leverage Flexible Bundling Options and Financially Rewarding Benefits

We make bundling easy by offering a number of deployment options, including a white label solution that gives you total control and flexibility. We’ll help you get started with a proven implementation plan that includes training and a pilot implementation. Let’s open a dialogue on how you can reap the financial rewards of bundling the most comprehensive insurance integration solution on the market.

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