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The eiConsole for ACORD is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the creation, management, maintenance and sharing of ACORD interfaces. An exclusive “Assembly Line” streamlines the process of developing of end-to-end ACORD interfaces. It’s simply the fastest and easiest way to implement the ACORD standard. If your organization is an ACORD member you can get a concurrent user license for the eiConsole for ACORD, absolutely free.

Download the eiConsole for ACORD in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Go to ACORD Third Party Tools.
  2. In the upper right click the “Sign In” link and fill in your log in information (User Name and Password).
  3. Once logged in you’ll be taken back to the Third Party Tools page. Scroll down to the
    bottom of the page and click “To learn more about and download the XCS eiConsole, click here“.
  4. You’ll be presented with the ACORD Standard License Agreement. Review it, select the
    “Accept” radio button, then click “Submit”.
  5. On the next page click “Download the XCS eiConsole for ACORD now” and get started.

Not sure if your organization is an ACORD member? Check this List.

Not an ACORD member? You can still qualify for a Free 90-Day Trial of the eiConsole for Insurance. The eiConsole for Insurance has the same robust insurance-specific features and components as the eiConsole for ACORD, but does not include the ACORD metadata. Learn more about the eiConsole for Insurance here. Download a FREE 90-Day Trial Now!

* ACORD members qualify for a free concurrent user license of the the eiConsole for ACORD. Limit one per member company.

The eiConsole for ACORD and Insurance Allow You to
Leverage These Great Insurance-Specific Features:

  • On-line tutorials – step-by-step instructions for building and testing a sample ACORD XML interface.
  • Templates for all ACORD Life & Annuity transactions – save thousands of hours that would be spent reviewing implementation guides and custom defining transactions.
  • Built-in Validation – benefit from the same powerful validation engine used by ACORD’s Testing and Certification facility. This component enables validation against not only the ACORD schema, but against implementation or transaction-specific business rules.
  • A library of XML binding components –convert between XML and most other data representations, including COBOL copybooks, flat files, spreadsheets and delimited formats. Insurance-specific formats such as ACORD, DTCC, EDI and AL3 enjoy explicit support.
  • Graphical Data Mapper – “point, click, drag and drop” mapping and transforming data between any two logical formats.The
  • Support for the ACORD Web Services Profile (AWSP) – and related web services security standards (W3C WSS), including XML Digital Signatures.

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