eiTestBed Step By Step

Setting Up the eiTestBed and
How Trading Partners Can Use It


How Trading Partners Use eiTestBed for Onboarding IEPs

Setting up the eiTestBed
p1Your organization defines the data formats, communication methods and validation rules required for electronic data exchange with your trading partners.
p2Using an intuitive Wizard, your organization publishes your implementation guides, sample files, documents and contacts on their eiTestBed.
p3PilotFish creates a customized eiTestBed for your organization with your own branding. Your organization’s definitions are then encoded in the Portal’s testing facility based on your sample requirements.

Note: After initial setup, your organization can manage and extend your validation rules through simple configuration.

Using the eiTestBed
p4Trading Partners log into your custom eiTestBed. Clicking the Documentation tab provides them with one central location to download the interface templates, implementation guides and files. It also provides them with all your contact information.

Using the documentation, the Trading Partner can configure the interface with their existing integration tools. Optionally, eiConsole users can download pre-configured interfaces directly into their eiConsole where they can be easily modified for testing within seconds.

p6The Trading Partner returns to the eiTestBed and submits any number of transactions to test and verify. They continue to tweak and test until all validation rules are passed. They may use the eiTestBed to send asynchronous follow-up messages into their system (e.g., Status and/or Result files) to test the flow of inbound transactions.

When satisfied with their self-testing, the Trading Partner contacts your organization’s technical representative for final integration testing and production deployment. Optionally, eiConsole users can deploy the interface into production on the eiPlatform runtime with just a few mouse clicks.

By using the eiTestBed, highly coordinated work between your organization and your trading partners is limited to truly implementation-unique discussions.

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