Data Integration Solution Provider Award

One Integration Solution for All of Your Implementations

PilotFish’s Integration Solution addresses the real gap in the market for modern, robust integration technology that can do it all. We’re happy to have the value of our perspective and the results of our approach showcased in the CIOReview special edition of Data Integration 2019.

In this article, PilotFish CEO Neil Schappert shares his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities CIOs face today. PilotFish, with nearly 20 years of experience providing integration products and services, has tracked technology trends and met their opportunities – and challenges. The adoption and use of cloud applications are no exception. In this interview, Mr. Schappert provides his thoughts on how organizations can adroitly manage these changes while accepting that this succession of new and legacy of old systems will never go away entirely. Adapting to this new order and its changes with a flexible integration strategy will allow organizations to successfully integrate their systems, digitize processes and maximize the value of analytics and AI.

We invite you to read the article and share your thoughts and comments.


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