Java Framework

Java Framework Integration

The eiPlatform’s Java Framework Offers Developers Great Advantages

The eiPlatform is a Java framework for integration. It provides a basic conceptual structure and supporting skeleton on top of which virtually any application interface or data flow scenario may be implemented. Integral to this integration framework is a set of Java interfaces which define the core functions of an application interface. Each Java interface is supported by a library of concrete Java classes that provide various implementations of these core functions.

The Java-based component library delivered with the eiPlatform is continuously expanded and refined as part of an iterative and agile process. Common elements are developed and reusable components are created to reduce the need to continually re-create frequently required functionality.

Today, the eiPlatform and eiConsole offer the user hundreds of these components that dramatically increase developer productivity. As loosely coupled pieces of a Java framework, these are all optional, extensible and replaceable – providing maximum flexibility to developers.

The developer benefits not only from this library of pre-developed interface components but from an open architecture that is easily extensible through a set of published APIs. Each interface is also accompanied by an abstract Java class that facilitates coding of custom Java interface components. The Java framework also includes a set of utility classes to enable graphical configuration of custom components. This further enhances the extensibility of the integration component library.

The eiPlatform and eiConsole also reap all of the typical benefits of the Java (J2SE) technology stack. The framework is compatible with all major operating systems, databases, and application servers.

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