Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Get Real-Time Access to Rationalized, Relevant Data for Data Mining and Data Analysis that Supports Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a critical asset to any company looking to compete in the information economy. Better information leads to better decisions and, ultimately, increased return on investment.

Real-time access to rationalized, relevant data is a prerequisite for the data mining and data analysis that supports business intelligence. The PilotFish eiConsole and eiPlatform provide the ideal framework for providing such a view into your company’s information assets.

The eiConsole and eiPlatform provide a middleware solution to manage the integration of disparate internal systems and/or external trading partners. Once implemented as a transmission and transformation hub for data traveling between systems, the eiPlatform also serves as an inspection and data collection point.

Here’s how it works:

1. Data is produced or extracted in the proprietary format of a source system or partner data feed.

2. The eiPlatform accepts or extracts the inbound data.

3. The data is transformed and normalized into an XML canonical model or information model.

4. Relevant information is extracted from the data for BI analysis.

5. The data is transformed again and transmitted to the final target system(s).

As the data passes through the bus (the eiPlatform), critical pieces of the message are captured. If required, a full snapshot of the transaction may be saved. In either case, this real-time information can then be used to update a data warehouse for subsequent data mining, reporting, and analysis. Also, rules may be configured such that certain conditions (e.g., a financial transaction exceeding $10,000) produce real-time alerts.

In contrast to traditional ETL-style business analytics, the eiPlatform, and eiConsole offer real-time business intelligence and a real competitive advantage.

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