ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) EII (Enterprise Information Integration) and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) with the eiConsole

Achieve Cost-Effective and Successful Implementation of ETL, EII, and EAI with Software Designed to Make it Intuitive and Easy

It doesn’t matter what you call it. To survive in today’s business climate, organizations must adopt a cohesive strategy for managing data assets. Those that do not simply cannot compete with those with that have streamlined business processes, faster communication with their business partners, and better visibility into their business data.

You can achieve cost-effective and successful implementation of ETL, EII, and EAI with two other “E” words – The PilotFish eiConsole and eiPlatform.

ETL with the eiConsole

The eiConsole offers a wide variety of Listener components to facilitate the extraction of data from databases, files, and legacy environments. Once extracted, the data is transformed into the desired format using the graphical File Specification Editor and the drag & drop Data Mapper. Finally, in a format that can be consumed by the endpoint system, the appropriate Transport component is used to load the data.

EII with the eiConsole

In order to achieve a uniform representation of enterprise information, organizations must adopt a canonical model. This abstract information model may be based on an industry-specific data standard, a data warehouse, or the data structures of a critical system.

Regardless of the chosen model, the eiConsole has the tools to enable a homogenous view of heterogeneous data providers and consumers. The eiConsole’s assembly-line approach provides a paint-by-numbers solution to converting Source Systems’ proprietary data formats into the enterprise information model.

EAI with the eiConsole

Most, if not all, large organizations are saddled with the ongoing support of a plethora of different applications. One of the most challenging aspects of this maintenance is the requirement to integrate these disparate applications. The eiConsole is your “universal adapter” for Enterprise Application Integration. The eiConsole provides a large and rapidly expanding library of highly configurable components that are your arsenal for supporting the various connectivity methods, security protocols, and data representations in your IT inventory.

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