Data Mapper – Drag & Drop


    3-Pane Data Mapper for Easy Data Transformations

    Watch our Drag & Drop Data Mapper in action with No Coding or Scripting!

    Transform ANY data format to ANY other using the eiConsole’s point, click, drag & drop Data Mapper. Our exclusive 3-Pane Data Mapper lets you use drag & drop no matter how complex the mappings are by dragging from the Source (left) and Target (right) into the center panel.

    Data Mapper XSLT Structures and Functions

    A palette of XSLT Structures and Functions lets you do anything you can do programmatically using drag & drop.  For example:

    • Data & Time Formatting
    • Complex Iteration
    • Conditional Logic
    • Value Look-ups
    • Field Validation & Assignment

    Optionally, work directly in the XSLT View by clicking a tab at the bottom of the panel – or swap between the two. Build entire mappings from scratch by dragging and dropping source values onto a sample target message or transaction.

    Use the eiConsole to generate XSLT transformations and transform any data format to any other data format. Become 10x more productive! Reuse mappings, import vendor-specific transaction samples and leverage built-in format readers. 

    PilotFish’s eiConsole Integration Engine

    The Data Mapper is just one component of the eiConsole Integration Engine IDE. Learn more about the eiConsole or Inline End-to-End Interface Testing.

    Take a Test Drive!

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