Database to XML

Database to XML

The eiConsole Facilitates Transformations Involving the Results of a Database Query To and From XML.

With the eiConsole, transformations involving the results of a database query to and from XML are accomplished via the various SQLXML modules in the eiPlatform module library, including: the “Database Polling SQL Listener” (also called the “SQLXML Listener”). As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.

Database to XML Transformations Database Polling SQL Listener panel

The “Database SQL Transport” (also called the “SQLXML Transport”).

Database SQL Transport panel

The “Database SQL Transformation Module” (also called the “SQLXML Transformer”).

Database SQL Transformation Module panel

All three of these modules facilitate connections to databases via Data Sources or JDBC drivers. As input, each accepts a document – which can be obtained statically or generated via transformation (see [XML to XML Transformations]). Fundamentally, SQLXML is an XML document representation of SQL operations, including selects, updates, inserts, stored procedure calls and advanced flow control such as iteration, conditional operation and so forth.

The modules automatically produce XML representations of any query results, as well as provide conversions from XML documents directly into updates.

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