XSLT Debugger

With the eiConsole’s Data Mapper, users can debug XSLT through Step-by-Step Execution, XPath Statement Evaluations, Live Output and a variety of tabs for Displaying Ongoing Information

The XSLT Debugger is a component of the Data Mapper that enables the user to debug XSLT through step-by-step execution, XPath statement evaluations, live output and a variety of tabs for displaying ongoing information. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels and menus.

The XSLT Debugger is accessed via the Data Mapper by selecting the “Debug Transformation” button from within the Data Mapper testing mode.

XSLT Debugger Component of the eiConsole's Data Mapper

Once opened, the XSLT Debugger can be seen to be composed of four panels.

XSLT Debugger 4 Panel layout

The left-most panel is the Source Document Panel, which displays the current document to be used as the transformation source.

XSLT Debugger Source Document Panel

The center panel is the XSLT Document Panel, which displays the XSLT transformation document to be tested.

XSLT Document Panel

The right-most panel is the Output Document Panel, which displays the XSLT transformation results up to the most currently executed step.

Output Document Panel

The last (bottom-most) panel is the Expressions Table Panel, which displays information for various categories.

XSLT Debug Expressions Table Panel

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