Integration Testing

Integration Testing

Perform Inline End-to-End Integration Testing of Developed Interfaces Before Deployment including Detailed Error Messages of any Failed Stages for Easy Analysis within the eiConsole.

The eiConsole supports complete end-to-end integration testing of developed interfaces before deployment. To perform testing using the graphical interface, the user selects “Switch to Testing Mode” from the main menu. They select the Stage at which to begin the testing, provide sample input data and click the “Execute Test” icon. It’s that simple.

Integration Testing Mode of the XCS eiConsole

When you first switch to the testing mode, you will see that the configuration icons are replaced by “Question Marks”. Click the Question Mark for a selected Stage and then click “Start Test Here.” You can also click the Stage where you want to end the test or let it run all the way through. You can actually connect to remote systems directly from the eiConsole to test the Transport connection. When you click “Execute Test”, all of the Stages that have run successfully will have the Question Mark icon replaced with a green checkmark. Stages that fail will be replaced with a red “X”.

You can click any of the Stages and view the output of each Stage as the data undergoes the transformation process. For example, you can see the data in a flat file format transformed to generic XML, then to an XML standard format and then to a proprietary format of the Target. Any Stages that fail provide detailed error messages.

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