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Achieve Lightning Fast Enterprise Integration with the eiConsole IDE

Achieve world-class enterprise integration with the eiConsole, a complete integrated solution to not only rapidly create, but to also easily manage and maintain end-to-end interfaces. It is a graphical IDE with configurable and fully customizable components. The eiConsole helps you achieve cost-effective and successful implementation of ETL, EII, and EAI. It’s why standards organizations are offering our tools to their members – they know by using our solutions their members can speed up their own implementations.

Unlike many of our competitors that provide a “bucket of tools,” the eiConsole provides an efficient and proven “Assembly Line” approach for enterprise integration – all eiConsole components are fully integrated. Each component has been designed to be independently used or reused as well, thereby offering the greatest amount of flexibility. Whether implementing a simple point-to-point interface or a comprehensive SOA, business and technology users can interface any system or service to any other system or service regardless of platform, operating system, database or communications protocol, far faster and easier than was ever possible before.

Enterprise Integration with PilotFish eiConsole Middleware

Shown above, the eiConsole’s 7 stage Assembly Line where users work from left to right to configure interfaces
graphically. No coding or scripting is required. Drop-down menus and intuitive configuration screens make interface
creation easy enough for non-developers to participate in. Even data mapping can be performed via drag & drop.

The eiConsole delivers exceptional value to business and technical professionals alike. The “power user” can use the “point, click, drag and drop” visual interface to quickly build and deploy interfaces without requiring expertise in Java, XML, XSLT or other enabling technologies. At the same time, technology experts will want to use the eiConsole because it is a much faster way to create end-to-end interfaces without requiring tedious hand-coding.

In addition to the core eiConsole interface engine IDE product, PilotFish also offers eiConsole industry-specific bundles. These bundles provide specialized support for many industry standards. Each eiConsole bundle has explicitly been architected to support the nuances of that industry’s information exchange and the semantics of that standard. PilotFish eiConsole bundles include many features and components that make working with industry standards vastly easier. These range from components like custom parsers to vocabulary tools and unique data mapping features to inline documentation. Click on our Industries link in the top menu for specific eiConsole bundles for your industry.

Leveraging the eiConsole’s unique infrastructure allows users to also download, tweak, share and publish interfaces, templates, and components on the PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE). It’s our exclusive “App Store” marketplace. On the PIE, members can collaborate and share interface templates without having to reinvent what is common, thus maximizing reuse.

When taken together, the eiConsole and eiPlatform (the Java runtime component) provide all of the connectivity, transformation, monitoring, and management tools needed for enterprise integration. Use this solution to successfully deploy an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and realize a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

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