Target Data Transformation

The eiConsole’s Data Mapper and File-to-XML Editor, transform the Data Format from any Industry Standard (Canonical) to a format that can be Consumed by the Target System

The eiConsole supports XML transformation using a point, click, drag & drop visual interface. As with the Source Transform stage, by clicking the Target Transform icon, you are presented with two powerful eiConsole components. These enable the transformation of the data format output from the common XML representation of the data into the format of the Target system or service. These two components are the Data Mapper and the File-to-XML Editor or File Specification Editor.


The Target Transform is the XML Transformation Stage of the eiConsole.

XML Transformation Stage of the XCS eiConsole

Clicking the “Edit” button on the XSLT Configuration panel opens the Data Mapper component (shown below).

Data Mapper

The Data Mapper is a graphical editor used to generate the XSLT transformations that transform any data format to any other data format. Typically the Target Transform is used to transform data from a common XML format to the proprietary format of the Target, but can also be used to transform data to a company’s common model, other standards or different versions or interpretations of a standard. More on the Data Mapper.


Clicking the “Edit” button on the Transformation Module Configuration panel opens the File-to-XML Editor (File Specification Editor) (shown below).


The File Specification Editor lets you import sample data formats from the Target System into the File Spec Editor, where they can be visually edited. This is the last step in the Target Transform process and is used when the Target system can only accept non-XML data such as Tab Delimited, CSV, COBOL copybook, spreadsheet (CVS) and other files. Click for more on the File-to-XML Editor.


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