XML Schema Extensions

XML Schema Extensions

Perform Schema Extensions with Graphical Ease utilizing the eiConsole’s Schema Management Component.

Easy Schema Extensions are a necessity as standards are anything but standard, and one schema doesn’t fit all. There are different releases and interpretations of the standard to contend with, and nearly everyone has extended the base schemas to reflect the specific needs of their business. If you have extended the schema, migrating to a new release while preserving the extensions can be problematic. Once you open the eiConsole’s Schema Management component, you can easily perform Schema Extensions or add to the Schema.

5 Easy Steps to Adding a Schema

  1. Right-click the element, field or attribute of the schema that you’d like to modify.
  2. Choose to add a new element, field, attribute or typecode to that selection.
  3. Select a pre-defined type and enter a name.
  4. Create a new type to add from scratch or extend an existing type.
  5. That’s all!

Schema Management Interface

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