SQL Transport

SQL Transport

The eiConsole’s Database SQL Transport is used to Connect to a Relational Database

The Database SQL Transport is used in the eiConsole when you wish to connect to a relational database. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.

To connect to a relational database select this Transport from the Transport Type drop-down menu.

Database SQL Transport Transport Type

On the Basic configuration tab, you have an Input file selection (typically unused).

Database SQL Transport Basic Configuration Tab

On the Connection tab, you will specify connection information for the relational database that you wish to update. Enter the User name and Password that are used to connect to that database. Specify the Type of connection to be used via the Type configuration item. The connection type may either be a raw JDBC connection or a DataSource. When DataSource is selected, you will be prompted to provide the DataSource name. This name is a Java JNDI name where the DataSource is located.

Typically, this is configured within an application server. When JDBC Connection is configured, you will be prompted to provide the JDBC driver and the JDBC URL. The JDBC driver is the name of the Java class used to connect to the database, whereas the JDBC URL is the JDBC compliant URL string used to specify the details of that connection. This typically includes the server and database name. Once the connection is fully configured, the Test Connection button can be used to ensure the credentials are correct.

Database SQL Transport Type Configuration

On the Advanced tab, the Keep Connection configuration item allows you to specify whether the JDBC connection should be held between invocations of this Transport. A Timeout can also be specified for queries. The CallBack Listener configuration item is used when the Transport will end with some query, and that query will return results which will be passed to another interface for processing. When you configure the CallBack Listener, data input into this text area should match the name of a programmatic or triggerable Listener contained within another route.

Database SQL Transport CallBack Listener Configuration

When the Database SQL Transport is executed it executes what is called SQLXML. This is an XML syntax that is used to wrap SQL inserts, updates and control structures such that you can execute arbitrarily complex updates or queries against a relational database.

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