XML Schema Validation

XML Schema Validation

The XML Schema Validator is Supported with Validation Models in the eiConsole’s Validation Editor and XML Validation Processor

XML Schema is the most widely-implemented standard for describing the structure and contents of an XML instance document. Defined by the W3C as a replacement for Document Type Definitions (DTD), XML Schema has become a crucial adjunct to other XML Web Services standards such as WSDL.

While the eiConsole and the eiPlatform do not require the use of XML Schema, they do provide a number of useful tools for interacting with various XML schemas / XSD files. These tools include:

The Data Mapper offers:

  • The “XSD Format Builder”, which generates an easy-to-navigate tree view of virtually any XML Schema / XSD file
  • Other Format Builders that will generate a valid XML Schema representation of flat files, database tables, Java classes, and other data representations
  • A testing mode that allows test results to be validated against a target XML Schema
  • Context-sensitive XSD schema documentation based on xsd:annotation elements
  • Tabular view of enumerated elements or attributes based on xsd:enum definitions
  • XML schema management features to create, modify, splice, and slice an XML schema

The Validation Editor offers:

  • An XSD validator, capable of validating XML against an XSD using any number of external validation engines
  • An array of additional validation capabilities intended to provide validation more expressive than what can be accomplished by the XML schema validator alone.

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