Batch Splitting

Batch Splitting

Easily perform a Parallel Split or Forking Operation with the eiConsole’s XML Workflow / BPM Component.

During the implementation of some business processes (BPM), there may be a need to perform a parallel split (Batch Splitting) or forking operation. XML workflows with forking/splitting operations can be implemented with the help of the Forking Module.

Batch splitting is configured in the Forking tab of the Source Transform stage. Data entering a forking stage is typically comprised of many discrete records, messages or other atomic units of work that we wish to split and treat as independent transactions.

For example, consider a large XML document representing types of fish.

Batch Splitting Stage Output Viewer

The following demonstrates how the XPath Forking Module may be used to subdivide such an XML document based on an XPath expression. We may wish to fork the batch XML document into individual transactions for each “Fish” node:

XPath Forking Module

After the forking stage completes, some smaller transactions will continue through the workflow each representing a Fish as seen below:

Forking Stage Stage Output Viewer

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